How To Enforce Reparations Handbook: Step-by-Step Liberation Instruction Guide Of How To Create Foreign Trusts, Foreign Businesses, Aboriginal Jurisdiction, and More


How To Enforce Reparations Handbook is a step-by-step decolonization instruction electronic guide, for Aboriginal (misnomered “black”) families, on how to: trace American Aborigine Genealogy; how to obtain a Foreign EIN number; how to create a Foreign Revocable Living Trust; how to create an international Offshore Trust; how to create a Foreign Aboriginal Tribal Trust; how to create a Foreign Aboriginal Tribal-Chartered Business; how to create a Foreign Corporation; how to enforce the jurisdiction-superior Indigenous Rights and Indian Treaty Rights, how to fight police terrorism, and how to defend illegal Driving/Traffic Laws (Commercial Codes) with Traveling Rights. This Handbook is a Jurisdiction Guide for Families to privately self-govern themselves and take control of their own destiny forever. Enforcing Reparations Handbook decolonizes Indigenous Americans (misnomered black Americans) from denationalization of United States Corporation with step-by-step instructions and templates of establishing Foreign Jurisdiction and Pre-Colonial Jurisdiction. This instructional guide provides all templates of Foreign Trusts, Aboriginal Trusts, Aboriginal Genealogy, and American Indian Tribal Corporations in electronic format.



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